Need Your Circuit Boards Repaired? Four Sources That Can Help


Circuit boards tend to become worn and outdated, but many people don't know that they can be repaired and you reused. Here are four sources that can help you transform your old and broken circuit boards into fixed and reusable ones.

1. Electrical Engineers

These guys and gals have received degrees in electrical design, modification, and repairs. If you know an electrical engineer or know where you can find one, he or she might be willing to do some freelance work for you, based either on the number of items you want him or her to work on or based on his or her regular salary or hourly wages. If you own and operate a larger business, you may be able to "borrow" an electrical engineer from another company with whom you have a friendly rapport.

2. 3D Printing Company

Companies that offer 3D printing and technology services may also be able to assist with circuit board repairs. Parts and components that have broken off of your circuit boards may be printed by these companies and then wired, circuited, and attached to the broken boards. The process is tantamount to creating false limbs for your circuit boards, and it is a very interesting and effective approach to your needs.

3. Electronics Recyclers

Technicians who specialize in helping customers recycle and reuse their circuit boards and computer equipment can help you with yours. They take these boards apart, add other parts to them, rebuild them, recircuit and rewire them, and update them if needed. Some of these electronics recyclers are big-end businesses and will charge a lot to do what you need them to do, but others are small business owners, and they usually will charge much more reasonable rates.

4. The Original Manufacturers

When none of the above sources can help (and that is a rare thing!), you may have to go back to the original manufacturers of the boards you have. Most electronics companies are willing to repair or replace your boards for a fee. You may have to ship the boards to the manufacturers. Be sure to insure them against further damages and loss, and have them packed in bubble wrap and a box with packing peanuts so that they cannot be jostled or banged during shipping. If you have the broken pieces, wrap the broken pieces up with their matching boards so that when they are unboxed and unwrapped the repair technician at the factory can see what is wrong and what needs to be fixed. Look for circuit boards by Trinity Electronics Systems to get started.


3 May 2016

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