Android Smart Watches: 3 Uses For The Golf Course


Smart watches are not only stylish and fun to use in your everyday life, but improvements have made them practical for many situations. If you are an avid golfer, then you can get a lot of use out of Android watches. As you travel on the course, it's a lot easier to look and operate your watch rather than having to constantly pull out your phone. If you're considering the purchase of an Android watch, then you can look for three different features that make it practical on the golf course.

Weather Updates

No one wants to get caught on the golf course in the middle of a storm. You can help prevent this by using an Android watch with built-in weather updates. The watch screen can showcase weather alerts, live radars, and hour-by-hour tracking updates. By getting these updates, you know whether to cut off your golfing session early or whether to extend it for a few more holes. The watches typically feature a standard weather app along with a number of different app downloads for more personalized weather features.

Exercise Counters

Walking up and down a golf course is filled with a lot of exercise. You can see exactly how many calories you are burning by purchasing an Android watch with an exercise and activity tracker on it. The tracker can counter your movements and steps. Detailed information can help track your heart rate, pulse, and the total distance traveled each day. Some of the phones may even feature GPS tracking to show how you traveled around a course.

Golfing Apps

Once you have purchased an Android smart watch, you can gain access to the app store made exclusively for smart watch downloads. Among the categories are a number of golfing apps. These apps help add a lot of different elements to your playing. For example, some apps feature guides to hundreds of golf courses in North America. The apps can detail the hole number, par, and length of the hole. GPS features can showcase how much further you have to a specific hole based on your location.

Other apps make it easy to keep score with a stroke counter and personal scoreboard. Saved information can compare scores from previous rounds and easily calculate your averages on the course. By installing these apps, you can eliminate hand-written scorecards and sync up your scores with an Android phone.

An Android smart watch dealer can showcase different designs and features as mentioned above. For more information, contact Yiphtach or a similar company.


26 August 2016

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