Iphone Touch Screen Protections Tips For Sports Adventurers


A soft touch is usually advisable when operating an iPhone. Jamming fingers onto the touchscreen a bit too hard could cause problems. When the screen doesn't respond to the touch, hitting the screen a little harder is the common response of the average phone user. The typical response may be a bad idea. The iPhone could already be suffering from impact-related problems. Jamming fingertips into the phone are probably only going to make things worse. Less shock is necessary, but active and sport-loving people might find reducing shock impact to be difficult. A few precautions just might be necessary to keep an iPhone from suffering more damage when running, jumping, biking, or otherwise being on the move.

An Established Problem

An iPhone is definitely durable, but the device cannot only handle so much stress. "Touch disease," a condition when touchscreen connectors are loosened due to shocks or drops occurs when the phone is not properly protected. Mountain bikers and adventure race runners may not be able to leave their iPhone at home nor be able to totally protect it. Try to increase protection by choosing to:

  • Buy a Protective Jacket

Sports jackets with various zippered pockets are available. The zippers are located in several strategic spots on the torso. Depending upon a chosen sport, it may be best to pick the right zipper spot. The upper arm may be safe for one sport whereas a chest pocket would be better for another. Accessing the maximum choice in zipper selections helps. Stuffing the pockets with tissues to help keep the iPhone in place may be a simple -- but effective -- extra step.

  • Rely on Steady Footing

Avoid taking the iPhone out until footing is stabilized and the geography is sound. Fumbling with an iPhone while walking on a rocky surface followed by a trip and fall means possible bodily and iPhone injury. Wait until the steady footing is achieved before doing anything unnecessary or non-emergency related with an iPhone.

  • Purchase a Serious Protective Cover

iPhone repair services may be able to do more than just fix a problem. The services may be able to prevent one by providing a durable protective cover. High-end covers capable of handling tough sports adventures would be worth the investment.

Repair When Necessary

No matter how many preventive steps are taken, damage and touchscreen connections might happen. If so, get iPhone repair work done at a place like Refurb Kings before things get worse.


25 April 2017

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