Why You Should Always Have a Thirty-Foot Power Cord Extension Nearby


Cords are affixed to virtually every electronic device people own. Unfortunately, most houses and buildings are rarely equipped with enough outlets or enough outlets within a room. Power cord extensions become an immediate necessity if you are going to plug in every device that you want to plug in. Yet, what length of power cord extension do you buy? A thirty-foot extension cord is the most ideal, and here is why.

Thirty Feet Transforms Six to Twenty Feet

Vaccum cleaners, which often need more cord to vacuum a house, are now supplied with at least twelve to twenty feet of cord. Still, a twenty-foot cord on your vacuum does not seem to go quite as far as you would expect. If you have to stop, unplug the vacuum in the living room, and plug it into another outlet closer to the vacuum, you need an extension cord. The thirty-foot extension allows you to vacuum your entire downstairs (in most homes) without unplugging the vacuum's cord.

A vacuum cord is just an example. Imagine the distance you could reach with an additonal thirty feet of cord. A car battery charger can reach from your garage to the base of the forty foot driveway, no problem. Your hedge trimmers can go halfway around your home before you have to go the opposite direction or unplug. Your entertainment system can be placed on a wall in the room with no outlets and still plug in to the nearest outlet.

Most Thirty-Foot Cords Are Grounded

Most thirty-foot extension cords are grounded. This means that they have three-prong openings into which you can plug something electronic. It also means that if the extension cord suddenly gets wet, you will not get electrocuted because the grounding wires inside will prevent it. (Just do not drop the cord in a pool, tub or sink; the wetness is okay if it is wet grass or a sudden cloudburst.)

Thirty-Foot Cords Can Borrow Power from a Neighbor

In the event that you have a power outage but your neighbor does not, you could use a thirty-foot extension cord to borrow power from an outside outlet. Just make sure you do the decent thing and ask your neighbor if you can borrow a little power for a day or two. When houses are really close together, the thirty-foot extension cord can reach out a window, a door, or a doggy door and right across the lawn to your neighbor's outlet.


11 July 2017

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