Using An LED Lightbox Panel For Advertising


LED lighting can produce a considerable amount of illumination while using very little energy. For this reason, an LED lightbox panel is an ideal way to draw attention to your business. The panel comes with a custom image. This can be a logo, or it can be an advertisement for a specific product. Anything that you would like to communicate to your customer can be done in a way that is highly professional.

Any Image Is Available

Not only will you have an image that is in high resolution, but the LED light will give the image a faint glow that will make it more beautiful. The LED can also be used to create visual effects. If a scene has a ray of light, the ray can be designed to glow. A fireplace can flicker. The light can be manipulated to make a river look like it is moving. The beauty of the LED sign lighting is enough to attract the attention of customers in a world where endless other signs are fighting for their attention.

Installing The Panel

The LED lightbox panel can be installed in any location where the box panel can be hung and where there is an outlet. Wall mount brackets are used so that the box is flush with the wall. Boxes often come with a panel that allows you to manipulate the dimness of the box. The box is usually at full brightness when it is first turned on, but this can be adjusted as you see fit. 

Choosing A Frame

The lightboxes come with frames that can cause them to appear simply like paintings that happen to glow magically. The color of the frame can be chosen to match the surroundings or the image. You may also be able to have the frame colored to match the colors of your brand. 

Swapping Out An Image

The image is placed on a diffuser. Fortunately, it is easy to design multiple diffusers and to replace them periodically. This allows for you to keep the attention of customers and also allows you to change diffusers whenever there is a new promotion or when a new product is available. All of the other components can continue to be used, reducing the cost of changing your message. While lightbox panels are not the only LED signage option, you should consider them when consulting with an electronics sign provider.


9 August 2017

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