Custom Digital Displays: 4 Tips To Ensure Proper Placement


When it comes to any type of advertising and reaching your target audience, location is the key. So, when working with your custom digital displays, it is important that you think about proper placement. Here are four tips:

Tip #1: Determine Your Content First

The content that is going to be on your digital displays is going to essentially determine everything, including the placement of the screens. For example, if you are going to display interactive content, you need to ensure that the screens are within each reach of people so that the screens can be touched. If your content is driven towards students, then the screens do not need to be set-up in staff rooms. If your content has audio, then your displays need to be in an area that is not labeled a quiet zone.

Tip #2: Keep Your Screens Accessible

You may have the biggest and brightest screen in the world, but no one is going to see it if you don't have it near their eye level. Your displays need to be mounted at or just slightly above eye level. Be careful to avoid glare from overhead lights and windows.

If you are dealing with interactive content, make sure that everyone can access the screen. You have to think about shorter people as well as individuals in wheelchairs. You may want to consider having your interactive controls at the bottom of the display.

Tip #3: Focus on High-Traffic Areas

Since you want to reach as many people as possible, you should try to focus on high-traffic areas for the placement of your digital displays. For some of you, this may sound like common sense, but many people actually ignore this simple fact.

By placing your screen in a highly-congregated area, you can be sure that your information is seen. Some popular areas to consider include information desks, lounges, lobbies, food courts, cafeterias, and elevator waiting areas.

Tip #4: Don't Overlook Small Screens

You are probably thinking that the bigger the screen, the better. However, this isn't necessarily true. Smaller displays can have an overwhelming amount of power in reaching your audience. For example, you can use screensavers and playlists on computers or small display screens at library stations or cafeteria booths. Just remember that with small screens you should keep your messages short and concise since there isn't as large of a space to fill or for people to see.

As you develop your next custom digital display, keep the aforementioned tips in mind to ensure that you place your screens in the most appropriate areas that will help you realize success.  


22 September 2017

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