The Ultimate Buying Guide When Enhancing Your Home's Interior Lighting


Perhaps one of the best ways to decorate and enhance the interior of your home is to change the lighting. Such upgrades help express your aesthetic interests and bring about certain moods. When looking over your options, it's helpful to consider this buying guide. 

Ambient Lighting

Ambient (general) lighting is one of the most common today. It's designed to bring light into different areas, without being too bright and off-putting. It also helps highlight decorative pieces and furniture in your household. 

There are two color options you can choose with ambient lighting: warm and cool. Warm lighting has a more yellowish color, while cool lighting appears more blue. What color you choose may depend on the color scheme that you've selected for the interior.

In terms of ambient designs, you can choose between track lighting, chandeliers, wall-mount fixtures, table lamps, and wall scones. Choose a design that best matches your overall interior vision. 

Task Lighting

Lights that produce a more concentrated beam of light are categorized as task lighting. They are ideal for practical purposes, such as reading or cooking in the kitchen. Probably the easiest way to set up task lighting is with lamps. Swing-arm lamps, in particular, are great for positioning light a certain way on desks and tables. They can also be fitted with energy-efficient bulbs, such as LED HID retrofit bulbs, to help you save some money.  

For the kitchen, consider setting up under cabinet lights to create a functional, yet elegant space. You'll have extra lighting when cooking and cleaning, as well as a peaceful atmosphere that makes cooking fun again. 

Accent Lighting 

If you're trying to draw attention to some artistic piece or feature in the house, accent lighting is your best option. Featuring the highest concentrated design among the three options, it helps shadow out dull areas that are not as interesting visually. 

Wall lights can help you concentrate light in a dramatic way, and there are plenty of design options you can pick from. They are typically best used when highlighting works of art, such as paintings or sculptures. Recessed lights are also popular because they create a wall-washing effect, which makes areas seem bigger than they really are. 

As you can see, there are plenty of lighting options you can choose for your home's interior. Consider the overall theme and vision you wish to create, so that your lighting is interesting and works out long-term. 


4 December 2017

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